On behalf of the ENFSI Expert Working Group “Firearms/GSR” QuoData GmbH organizes annually the Proficiency Test (PT) on the Identification of Gunshot Residue (GSR) particles by means of SEM/EDS. Each participant receives a specially prepared and identical sample, which is to be used to detect and identify all standard GSR particles (containing lead, barium and antimony) on the test sample using their own laboratory-specific method of automated GSR particle search and detection by SEM/EDS.

The test sample becomes the property of the participating laboratories, which enables participants to use the sample for other purposes later. For the purpose of quality assurance QuoData provides this web-based application which automatically evaluates uploaded quality control measurements of the test sample. It is also possible to evaluate the “standard GSR sample” which is offered by PLANO GmbH.

Once the measurement data were uploaded a comprehensive PDF report is created as well as a dynamic chart which provides various selection criteria for a specific evaluation.